CIEL is the world’s leading international conference on Legal Strategy. Organized biennially, CIEL brings together renowned international experts from the academic and professional communities in the fields of Law, Management, Technology, Economics, and Business, to discuss, share experiences and knowledge regarding Legal Strategy. Legal Strategy is a tool that relies on the available legal framework – as well as on multidisciplinary knowledge – to identify, generate and profit from legal advantages and opportunities, and to design suitable action plans that optimally meet clients’ business objectives.

Target Audience

Practitioners and academics from the areas of Law, Management, Economics, Technology (Fintech), Finance, and Business interested in:

Deepening their knowledge about behavioral economics, new technologies applied to financial services (Fintech), and contract governance.

Understanding how to create value and maximize the benefit of business strategies by taking advantage of the opportunities created by the legal framework

Contributing to the development of Legal Strategy and Corporate Legal Intelligence as research fields, through their own research, case studies, hypotheses, contributions, experiences and perspectives, or that simply wish to deepen their knowledge within these emerging fields.


Legal strategy is an emerging field of study and research where Law, Management, Economics, and Business are intertwined. Legal Strategy is gaining relevance in the international academic arena.

Legal strategy has been promoted by a leading group of international scholars that propose multifaceted approaches of study and conceptualization around this new field. Most scholars agree that the concept should be driven by a multidisciplinary vision aimed at building skills that complement professional knowledge.

In their proposals, leading scholars highlight the importance that legal professionals engage in multidisciplinary studies in order to develop tools that improve their ability to serve clients effectively. For corporate managers and decision-makers, the focus is to grasp and actively use the legal environment in which they conduct businesses to generate value and obtain better results for their stakeholders.

Legal Strategy highlights the relationship between Law and Management, in a perspective where managers visualize the legal environment as an opportunity – and not as a restriction – to achieve their business goals and to manage their risks, highlighting the role played by the law used in an innovative manner; while legal professionals use the discipline as a tool to assist managers in the design and implementation of their strategies.

Main Objective

The conference’s main objective is to encourage research and generate knowledge in the nascent field of Legal Strategy, while promoting innovative thinking, and proposals for new analytical tools and frameworks.

Core Objectives

  • Develop a new vision for the professional practice of business that transcends from a dimension oriented towards the development of knowledge to a development of abilities
  • Promote innovation through the design of new structures, as well as new research and analytical methods in the areas of Law, Management, Economics, and Business, which contribute to optimal business strategies
  • Highlight the value of multidisciplinary studies in legal analysis
  • Emphasize the value of law for the achievement of clients’ strategic objectives


CIEL is the world's leading conference on Legal Strategy. The CIEL 2021 biennial conference has been conceived around the theme “Technological innovation in business and the legal system”.

The way in which businesses are structured and developed is changing as a result of technological innovation, and the legal strategy must be leveraged in this new reality. This new scenario implies rethinking how legal and business strategists will have to face those challenges and opportunities.

Renowned experts, academics, practitioners, and thought leaders are invited to discuss how business and the legal system are changing to adapt to the new environment. A multifaceted approach will guide the discussion, focused on these dimensions:

  • 1. Digital economy: Digital innovation is transforming business models, markets and products and driving important changes in the economy and trade. Digital innovation engulfs the personal data market, the sharing economy, the FinTech revolution, RegTech, MedTech, InsurTech and others. How can businesses and startups strategically leverage digital innovation?

  • 2. Global business: In a globalized world, the spectrum of influence and risks that have to be managed by firms are increasingly diverse. Discoveries in behavioral economics related to agency costs, changes in consumption patterns, costs and places of production, market digitization, the tendency to offer services rather than products and to do so internationally, discoveries and changes in governance and the proliferation of the change to sustainable businesses are factors that influence the design of structures. This changing environment poses a challenge to strategists: to design optimal structures to allow companies to achieve their objectives in an uncertain and increasingly interconnected world - a transformation of structures both internally and externally. How can strategists use structural design to capture value in this new reality? How can the internal and external structures of companies adapt to lead the new business reality? Can we leverage corporate governance structures to capture opportunities while maintaining risk control?

  • 3. Legaltech: Both the legal profession and the justice system are in the process of transformation due to technological innovation. The automation of tasks and the mechanization of legal analysis will mean that lawyers lose the legal monopoly of knowledge, will entail a redefinition of the work of legal professionals and will impose the development of new areas of expertise. E-Justice will trigger the automation of decision-making and will facilitate the use of predictive technologies. How will the notion of value added by the legal strategist change his clients? What strategies should lawyers use to avoid being commoditized? How should conflict resolution and management strategies adapt to the circumstances of the justice system and the challenges that the new reality demands?

Conference Program


Leonel Melo

President of OMG


Deputy Manager of Regulation and Innovation of the Superintendency of Banks of the Dominican Republic and Professor and Researcher at PUCMM and the Instituto OMG.

Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Alcalá and Professor of the Master's Degree in Legal Strategy from the Instituto OMG.

Speaker Presentation

Director of the Advanced Program in Management and LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation at IMD.

Speaker Presentation

Vice Chancellor of Teaching and Learning at Taylor's University, Malaysia.

Speaker Presentation

Co-Director of the Center for Creative Problem Solving, California Western School of Law in San Diego and Professor of Law.

Co-Director of the Center for Creative Problem Solving, California Western School of Law in San Diego and Professor of Law.

Speaker Presentation


I. Pre-registration online

Online pre-registration is open for those interested in attending CIEL 2021 at the following link: Pre-Registration online

II. Fee

Registration fees for CIEL 2021 are as follows:

  • The registration fee per participant is USD$500.00
  • The fee for participants who attended CIEL I and CIEL II Conference is USD$425.00
  • Early-bird registration fee of USD$450.00 (available until 5th of July 2021)
  • Groups of 5 people or more will receive a 10% discount on the registration fees

III. Method of payment

After completing and submitting the registration form, a staff member will contact the participant in order to process the payment of the registration fee using the method specified on the registration form.
The following payment methods are available:

Cash Cash payments can be made at the administrative offices of Instituto OMG.
Checks Checks shall be issued to the order of “Instituto OMG”.
Wire transfer To pay via by wire transfer contact ciel@iomg.edu.do, from which you will receive further instructions.
Credit/ Debit Card All credit and debit cards are accepted.

IV. Registration packets

The informative and supporting materials – as well as the ID badges and proof of payment (if applicable) – will be available to the participants in the registration areas of the conference prior to the start of the event.

V. Cancellation and refunds

Registration fees will not be refunded.

VI. Additional terms and conditions

  • Each participant must complete a registration form.
  • Registration fees must be fully paid by 30 July 2019.
  • Certificates of attendance will be emailed to each participant by 15 august 2019.
  • For more information regarding the registration process, please contact ciel@iomg.edu.do.

VII. Questions regarding the registration process

Contact us at ciel@iomg.edu.do.

Call for Papers and Case Studies

Deadline for submissions:
July 15, 2021








keynote Speakers Presentations 2017

1. CONSTANCE BAGLEY “Winning Legally: The Value of Legal Astuteness” Professor Bagley's presentation focused on how legally astute managers can work with strategically astute lawyers to enhance realizable value, manage risk, and marshal, deploy, and redeploy resources. As discussed in her chapter in The Oxford Handbook on Dynamic Capabilities (David Teece, ed., 2016), which is posted on her site winninglegally.com, , legal astuteness is a valuable managerial dynamic capability. During the conference, Professor Bagley also presented her systems approach to law, business and strategy and provided multiple examples of how legally astute top management teams can craft the value proposition and the activities in the value chain in a dynamic system that includes the competitive environment (analyzed using Peter's Five Forces), firm resources, public law, and the societal context.
2. DANIEL OSTAS “The Ethics of Legal Strategy” Professor Ostas' presentation focused on the ethics of corporate legal strategy. His discussion is rooted in the ethical obligation to obey law, empirical evidence on legal obedience, ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, and scholarly literature addressing the need for selfrestraint among business actors. Professor Ostas has written widely on these and other related topics. Ostas' vita, including a list of published works, is available at http://www.ou.edu/price/marketing_supplychainmanagement/people/daniel_ostas.html
3. DAVID OROZCO “Corporate Legal Strategy: At the Frontier of Research and Practice” Orozco, David, 2017. “Corporate Legal Strategy: At the Frontier of Research and Practice.” Presentation Material, First International Conference on Legal Strategy – Instituto OMG.
4. CLAUDIA LANDEO “Law, Economics, and Organization” Landeo, C.M., 2017. “Law, Economics, and Organization: Recent Developments.” Presentation Material, First International Conference on Legal Strategy – Instituto OMG.

Research Papers 2017
*available in Spanish


INSTITUTO OMG (IOMG) was the first initiative of Fundación OMG to foster research and education. It is rooted on the premise of promoting independent thinking and formulating strategies in legal aspects related to the development of nations.

IOMG was created as a Specialized Research and Training Legal Institute accredited by the Consejo Nacional de Educación Superior, Ciencia y Tecnología (CONESCYT) in November of 2010, in accordance with the laws of the Dominican Republic.

Its mission is to add value to society through the training and specialization of human resources under the highest educational standards, alongside scientific research that proposes legal solutions for development.

In order to attain its mission, the Institute has a specialized research center for Law and Development, called Centro OMG de Derecho y Desarrollo.

Portal Web: Instituto OMG

Contact information
Rafael Augusto Sánchez 86,
Roble Corporate Center, Piso 9, Piantini
Santo Domingo| C.P. 10148
Dominican Republic

Contact information

Rafael Augusto Sánchez 86,
Roble Corporate Center, Piso 9, Piantini
Santo Domingo| C.P. 10148
República Dominicana